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Use Stripe CLI with Laravel Herd or Valet or nginx. 3 minutes read

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Rezaul H Reza,17 February 2024
Create Vue 3 SlideOver dialog component with tailwind css 4 minutes read

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Rezaul H Reza,16 August 2023
Drawing App using Vue 8 minutes read

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Rezaul H Reza,28 January 2023



Easy Saas app
Premium £ 29.99

saas laravel vue inertia alpine subscription saaskit saasstarter

Unleash the power of the Subscription Management Boilerplate – the ultimate solution for effortless subscription management. Built with cutting-edge technologies including Laravel, Vue, Inertia, Tailwind, and Pinia, this bulletproof template ensures a seamless experience. With robust testing in place, you can trust in its reliability and functionality. Announce changes/new features to your users. Beautiful UI with full dark mode support and SPA all the way, you do not have to worry about the core functionality anymore. You can invest that time into working on your idea! Oh yes, you can customise it however you want.Streamline your subscription management like a pro.

Only £29.99!

Best deal ever! Check the demo here.

Click here to contact  me and get the source code to start building your next big idea!

saas premium saas inertia saas Laravel saas vue saas subscription management billing management

Vue desktop notificator component

vue.js notifications javascript

Have you ever wondered how desktop notifications on a browser work? If you’re a developer, you might be interested in learning how to implement this feature in your own projects. Check it out to see how to  use Vue.js to create desktop notifications that can be triggered from your web app if you don't know yet. Make sure you allow permission!

You can see the demo here .

Check out the docs for more info!

Vue.js Javascript View Project

Uptime Watchdog app
Premium £ 4.99

Website Monitoring Endpoint Monitoring Advanced Monitoring Solution Affordable Website Monitoring Uptime Alerts

Get peace of mind for your website's uptime with Uptime Watchdog. Our advanced monitoring solution alerts you the moment an endpoint goes down, ensuring that your online presence stays up and running. Only £29.99 per year or £4.99 per month!

Contact us today via email to start your subscription and take the first step towards a more reliable online presence


Print Shipping Label- Print from browser(Integration) other
Premium £ 99.99

Printing solution label printing browser printing Shipping labels

Are you a business or organization looking to streamline your label printing process? I have developed an integration that offers a simple and efficient solution utilizing ZPL and browser printing capabilities to easily print shipping labels or any other type of label directly from within your application. As a developer, I have made it easy to implement this integration into your existing system. Don't waste any more time with inefficient label printing methods - try my integration and see the benefits for yourself.

Contact me to learn more and get started today!

(I do not own the copyright of the image above)

Vue.js Alpine.js JavaScript Laravel

Toggle Sidebar- Alpine and Tailwind component

Free component Toggle sidebar component custom toggle component Alpine and tailwind css toggle sidebar

A custom  component that allows users to easily access additional information or features from the side of the screen.

To use the panel, users simply need to click on the button, which will slide out the panel from the side of the screen. The panel can be closed by clicking on the close button or by clicking outside of the panel.

It uses Tailwind CSS  for styling and  Alpine.js for interactivity. This allows for a fully customizable and interactive sidebar that can be easily integrated into any website.

alpine.js tailwind css html View Project

Socialite Microsoft Login Integration- Single SIgn On (SSO) other

Microsoft 365 integration Socialite integration Single sign-on (SSO) User authentication Microsoft Azure Laravel Socialite package

A socialite integration for Microsoft 365 to allow users to log in using their Microsoft 365 account. This integration makes it easier for users to access the app, as they can use their existing Microsoft 365 credentials rather than creating a new username and password.

To set up the integration, I used the Laravel Socialite package and configured it to work with Microsoft 365 by setting up a Microsoft 365 application in the Microsoft Azure portal and obtaining the necessary client ID and client secret. I then added these credentials to the app and set up the necessary routes and controllers to handle the login process.

With the integration in place, users can log in to the app by clicking a "Sign in with Microsoft" button or link, which redirects them to the Microsoft login page. Once they have entered their Microsoft 365 credentials and logged in successfully, they are redirected back to the app and granted access.

php laravel livewire View Project

SmartSearch: The Advanced E-Commerce Catalog Tool component
Premium £ 9.99

premium component e-commerce sidebar-filter product-catalog

The sidebar filters component allows users to select certain criteria to narrow down a list of items and view only the items that meet their specified criteria. This can be useful for online marketplaces or e-commerce websites where users want to be able to quickly and easily find items that meet their specific needs or preferences.

The list of items component allows users to view a list of items that are available for purchase or review. This could be used to display products, services, or other types of items that are available on an online platform. The component may include features such as pagination to allow users to easily navigate through the list and view more items.

These two components could be used together to create a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily find and review the items they are interested in. They could be used on a variety of websites or applications, such as online stores, classifieds platforms, or review websites. Overall, the combination of the sidebar filters and list of items components can help improve the user experience and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

To get access to the component

Contact me

php laravel livewire

Fothebys: Auction Management System project

Online auction platform E-commerce Online marketplace Customer relationship management

This project appears to be an online auction platform with different layouts and dashboards for normal users, registered users, and an admin. The platform allows users to view ongoing and upcoming auctions, search for auctions and lot items, view categories and frequently asked questions, and subscribe to newsletters or bulletins. Registered users can also manage their accounts, including the option to enable two-factor authentication and manage active sessions on other devices. The admin has the ability to manage categories, auctions, lot items, bids, users, and member applications. These features are implemented with create, read, update, and delete functionality, as well as search and pagination options. There is also validation in place to ensure that required fields are filled out properly.

laravel livewire php bootstrap tailwind View Project

Chart JS- Alpine and Livewire Integration component

Chart.js TALL Chart Dynamic charts Line chart Bar chart Pie Chart Reusable Alpine js component

Looking to add interactive and visually appealing charts to your web application? This Chart.js component in Alpine.js and Livewire is the perfect solution! With just a few lines of code, you can easily create dynamic and responsive charts that can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you want to display line charts, bar charts, pie charts, or any other type of chart, our component has you covered. And with the power of Alpine.js, you can easily bind dynamic data to your charts and update them in real-time. Don't settle for static and boring charts – try the component today and take your data visualization to the next level!

javascript alpine.js livewire View Project

Toggle Switch component

Toggle component alpine js toggle livewire toggle free livewire toggle component

With this Livewire and Alpine.js-based toggle switch component, you can easily add a toggle switch to your web application or website. The component can be styled and customized to match the look and feel of your project, and it can be easily integrated with Livewire and Alpine.js

Livewire alpine.js php View Project

Drag and Drop File Uploader component

File upload reusable component drag and drop file upload livewire file upload

Are you looking for a nice and smooth component to implement drag-and-drop file uploading in your Laravel Livewire project? Look no further! With this component built with Livewire and Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS for styling, you build a seamless and intuitive uploader that allows for multiple file uploads, complete with progress bars and file validation.

Laravel livewire alpine js tailwind css php JavaScript View Project

Reusable CSV Importer component
Premium £ 9.99

Csv importer Data importer Background job processing Reusable component Data manipulation livewire import

A powerful CSV importer with Livewire, completely from scratch. This can handle millions of rows, be reused for multiple models, and by using job batches, doesn't require the browser to be open.

Contact me to get acces to this powerful toold.

Laravel livewire php alpine.js

Fleet Manager app
Premium £ 29.99

Vehicle management fleet management Inventory management Transportation Asset tracking

This project is a system designed for a vehicle management company to keep track of their vehicles, clients, and vehicle rentals. The system allows staff to log in, add and edit vehicles and client information, assign vehicles to clients or mark them as available, and search for vehicles by ID or type. It also allows clients to log in, search for and rent available vehicles, and edit their personal information. The system displays messages to instruct the user if there are any issues or errors. It also includes logout and exit functionality for both staff and clients.


Flash Toast package

Toast library notifications alert messages package open source component

Flash Toast is a library that allows you to display alert messages or notifications on a web page. These messages, also known as "toasts," can be used to provide feedback to users or to display important information.

To use the Flash Toast library, you will need to include it in your project and then call the appropriate function to display a toast message. The library provides several options for customizing the appearance and behavior of the toast, such as the duration of the message, the type of message (e.g., success, error, warning), and the placement of the toast on the page.

Laravel livewire alpine.js php View Project

LiveFile app

File browser Dropbox Team collaboration Real time search Folder navigation File organization File upload

A simplified version of Dropbox is created using a single Livewire file browser component. This allows teams to have their own space where they can create folders, upload files easily, view the contents of folders, and search for files in real-time.

laravel livewire alpine.js tailwind View Project

Elevating the Student Experience: A Custom Content Management System for an International Student Consultancy project
Premium £ 499.99

Online application system Ticketing system custom web solution RMS CMS Client service

A custom web solution for an international student consultancy firm to connect all of their branches worldwide in one application. The solution included a content management system, an online application system for international students, a ticketing system, and a record management system. These features allowed the firm to better serve their clients and streamline their internal operations. The end result was a fully-integrated web solution that greatly improved the consultancy firm's ability to serve their clients and streamline their operations.

php laravel vue.js livewire alpine.js

Restaurant Web Application With E-Services and Record Management System project
Premium £ 249.99

Online ordering Sales analysis Live chat support Loyalty program Business automation

The project implemented a web-based service platform for a hospitality business, featuring online ordering, instant notifications, data management, sales analysis, live chat support, and a loyalty program. The platform also included a meal recommendation system and was accessible on all devices. The goal of the project was to automate business operations, improve efficiency, and increase customer acquisition.

If you need a similar integration for your project or business, please send me an email  and I will get in touch with you.

php laravel livewire javascript alpine.js pusher tailwind css
What clients I worked with Are Saying!

We were in need of a booking and employee management system for our security guard provider company, and Reza was able to deliver exactly what we needed. His custom solution has made our operations much more efficient and streamlined. We can now manage bookings, employee schedules, and invoices with ease, and our employees can even check in and out for their shifts via the system. Reza was a true professional to work with and was able to understand the specific needs of our business. We highly recommend him for any web development projects.

As the owner of an online takeaway, I don't have a lot of technical expertise, but I know what I need in order to run my business effectively. Reza was able to understand our needs and implement changes to our platform that made a big difference for us. He was able to work efficiently and get the job done quickly, which was especially important as we were on a tight deadline. Reza was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely hire him again in the future. His expertise in application development helped us streamline our operations and better serve our customers.

We recently hired Reza to help us with a project for our international student consultancy firm. One of the main goals was to provide our clients with a better online experience, and Reza was able to deliver exactly what we needed. He created a functional and user-friendly website for us, as well as an online application system for international students seeking to study abroad. This has made the process much easier for both our clients and our team. Reza was a pleasure to work with and we would definitely hire him again in the future. We highly recommend him for any web development projects.

Naz Simon

CEO, Support Secure.

Sho Eb

Director, CSC International UK


The New Delhi, Dover